Dear Family of Saint Philomena

It is with great joy that I invite you to come pray with me at the Sacred Altar of Saint Philomena.

Four one-of-a-kind pilgrimages are planned; Scotland, UK for the Feast, Worldwide program and one from Ireland. They all lead to a stay within the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena where the Sacred body of Saint Philomena rests. The accommodation is in the Pilgrim’s Center which is attached to the Sanctuary. This means that when the church doors are closed to the public it will be open for you to pray at the Sacred Altar in the presence of our saint. Please follow this link to see photos of the Pilgrim’s Center.

Oftentimes, people go on a pilgrimage to obtain a bodily healing or a supernatural grace. In fact, the proper way to begin a pilgrimage is to form an intention, or a prayer request, that one hopes to obtain at the culmination of this spiritual journey.

Click here to see what the pilgrimages look like, full report from last year's pilgrimages.

When St. Padre Pio was a boy, his family made a pilgrimage to the shrine of a saint. There they witnessed a miraculous healing of a boy who had been severely deformed from birth. This experience had a profound influence on him during his formative years. One has only to look to the Shrines established to commemorate the apparition sites of the Blessed Virgin Mary to understand the immensity and regularity of miracles received by pilgrims.

Let us place the fruits of your pilgrimage before the altar of God, through the intercession of Saints Philomena, Pio and Archangel Michael. Let us encounter ourselves, honor God’s Saints and embrace God’s Grace!!!

I look forward to meeting many of you this year through these pilgrimage which go directly to supporting the work of the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena.

Sending you a special blessing of Saint Philomena

Msgr. Giovanni Braschi
Rector of the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena
Custodian of her Sacred Body

For more information about these pilgrimages, please contact Frances at:



only few spaces left

19-26th May
7 nights
£870 (British Pounds)

Scottish Pilgrimage (joining us are devotees from California, Ireland, England)

Day 1 - Rome overnight: hotel accommodation in Rome.

Day 2 - Rome: Papal audience if the Pope is in residence, tour of St. Peters Basilica including Holy Mass. Tour of the basilicas. To Lanciano for hotel accommodation.

Day 3- Lanciano for the Eucharistic Miracle. San Giovanni Rotundo for St Pio’s tomb and basilica. Then to the mountain of St Michael the Archangel, this is where St Pio sent many to say their penance after confession and is said to be the only piece of ground blessed by God when St Michael appeared there. We celebrate Holy Mass here. To the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena Pilgrims Centre.

Day 4 - Mass at the Sacred Altar of St. Philomena then a free day to Sorrento for wonderful sea views, bars, restaurants and shopping.

Day 5 - St Gerald Majella for morning Mass, St. Gennaro patron saint of Naples and wonderful views of the bay of Naples by night.

Day 6 - St Benedict Monastery in Monte Cassino for Holy Mass then onto Pompeii for the afternoon.

Day 7 - 25th May Discovery of the Sacred Body of St. Philomena Mass and prayers at her Sacred Altar, day in Mugnano del Cardinale, local restaurant for dinner and entertainment.

Day 8 - Mass at the catacombs of St. Priscilla where St. Philomena’s body was discovered. Free time in Rome until the flight.


7-14 August
7 nights
£1150 (British Pounds)

Direct flights for various UK destinations
Luxury coach travel within Italy
Breakfast and Evening Meal
Limited Placed for small group

Feast of Saint Philomena Celebrations

7th Friday: External feast celebrations

8th Saturday: External feast celebrations and solemn mass

9th Sunday: Battenti procession, Solemn Mass, Procession, Solemn Mass, External feast celebrations

10th Monday: Solemn conclusion Mass

11th Tuesday: Free day

12th Wednesday: Sorrento and Amalfi


13th Thursday: day of celebration for those named Philomena

14th Friday: depart


Monday 7th – Saturday 19th September
12 nights
$1980 (USA dollars)

Land travel only (no flights included)
Luxury coach travel within Italy
Breakfast and Evening Meal

Worldwide Pilgrimage

7th Meet in Rome

8th Tour of Rome

9th Papal audience travel to Assisi overnight

10th St. Rita, Assisi overnight

11th Travel to Lanciano Eucharistic miracle

12th St Michael and St Pio overnight

13th Our Lady Incoranatta travel to Sanctuary

14th St Philomena

15th St Philomena

16th Sorrento and Amalfi

17th Pompeii Our Lady of the Rosary Basilica

18th Monte Casino St Benedict

19th Travel to catacombs St Pricilla Rome


6-13th October
Direct flights from Dublin to Rome
Luxury coach travel through Italy
Breakfast and Evening Meal
€1180 (Euro)

Irish Pilgrimage

6th Arrive in Rome overnight

7th Papal audience travel to Assisi overnight

8th St. Rita, Assisi overnight

9th Lanciano for Eucharistic Miracle

10th St Michael and St Pio

11th St Philomena

12th St Philomena

13th Travel to catacombs St Pricilla Rome Airport

Quotes from last years pilgrimage attendees:

“I liked it all, I will come again”

“Very good and spiritual and informative. Family charged. Thank you very much for the opportunity”

“Good, my spiritual journey began with St. Philomena at my side”

“It was amazing. Very spiritual, very, very good!”

“Wonderful and spiritual, loved every minute of it”

“It was lovely to be in so many different places and shrines, all blessings”

Support the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena

The Sanctuary of Saint Philomena is not a parish Church. We do not have parishioners who support this place of worship on a weekly basis. We are completely dependent on the love and generosity of you, the world-wide devotees, to keep the doors of the earthly home of Saint Philomena open.

We pray at the Sanctuary for the devotees of Saint Philomena to recognize and provide the means to pay our monthly utilities of gas and electricity. We also pray for the means to install a lift at the Sanctuary to enable physically challenged pilgrims to experience the entire home of their beloved Saint.

In order to ensure the Sanctuary is able to keep our doors open to you and to continue to offer God continual praise and to be the focal point through which our prayers are received by Saint Philomena and interceded for before God at the Sanctuary, you may donate in the following ways:

  1. Direct to the Sanctuary:
    1. By personal check payable to the "Sanctuary of Saint Philomena." For security reasons, please send your donation through registered or express mail to the Sanctuary's address at the bottom of this newsletter.
    2. Online - Go to our Support Page, Click Here
    3. By bank transfer to the Sanctuary's Bank account: BANCA UNICREDIT MUGNANO DEL CARDINALE(30525) BANK ACCOUNT:N° 000400102946 SWIFT CODE:UNCRITM1E94 IBAN:IT18D0200875790000400102946
  2. U.S.A. Tax-Deductible Donations may be sent to the new non-profit set up in the United States:
    1. Online - Go to our Support Page, Click Here
    2. Postal mail donations can be made to: Saint Philomena Sanctuary Support Fund, Inc. P.O. Box 4114 Bergheim, Texas 78004, U.S.A.

Sanctuary of Saint Philomena
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83027 Mugnano del Cardinale
Avellino, Italy
Tel: 0039 081 825 7204 Fax: 0039 081 511 2733
Rector, Msgr. Giovanni Braschi


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