Dear Universal Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena Member,

We are delighted to announce that the Scotland Centre is celebrating Mass and Prayers in honour of St. Philomena in Glasgow, St. Andrews Cathedral. The full itinerary is detailed below.

We are also announcing the first of many pilgrimages from Scotland to Southern Italy and the Sanctuary of St. Philomena.

An exciting range of pilgrimages are planned for 2014. You can book any of them from anywhere in the world.

We aim to provide these trips at minimum cost. Keep in mind that the cost includes preferential rates for our stay in the Pilgrim Center at the Sanctuary. In addition, staying in the Pilgrim Center also helps support the upkeep of the Shrine.

The pilgrimages include a spiritual journey in faith through the intercession of St. Philomena, virgin and martyr. You will enjoy the Italian culture, authentic Italian cuisine, our very new St. Philomena wine and be intrigued by some incredible stories of prayers answered through the intercession of our Saint as documented at the Sanctuary.

The pilgrimages are priced on a half-board basis (breakfast and evening meal) with luxury coach travel throughout Italy.

We invite believers and non-believers on these journeys, because we are sure that, by the end of your trip, Saint Philomena will have captured your heart. We hope you will feel part of the worldwide Family of St. Philomena and on your return will have formed a new group of friends you can turn to in times of joy and sorrow.

Don’t get left behind. Be sure to pass the word and have your friends and family sign up to receive our free newsletter so no one will miss these exciting announcements.

In Christ Through Saint Philomena,

Marie Burns
Director of the Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena

Our Lady Pray for us!
St. Michael protect us!

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Avellino, Italy
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