My dear members of the Family of Saint Philomena,

Today marks a very important feast day.  I want to share with you photographs of all of today's festivities. The main one is the launch of the new social media youth campaign STAR. Our young founders are here today for the launch and feast.

Two very significant events happened this day in history.  The translation of the relics of Saint Philomena from Rome to Mugnano del Cardinale and the Miracle of Pauline Jaricot that led to Saint Philomena being raised to the Altar.

Both stories are excerpted below from my book: Saint Philomena - Testimony of the Light of Christ

From Rome to Mugnano, via Naples

In Rome on June 30, 1805, there was a celebration of Paul the Apostle. Don Francesco De Lucia was attending the Episcopal consecration of his friend Msgr. Bartolomeo De Cesare. On the first of July, the new Bishop and his priest friend left Rome with the Saint’s relics. They reached Naples with the precious load on July 2, 1805 . They brought the sacred relics to the house of a friend of Msgr. De Cesare, a very well known bookseller of the city of Antonio Terres. Msgr. De Cesare, with the authorization of Msgr. Vincenzo Torrusio, Bishop of Nola, officially recognized the sacred relics, and then placed them in the private chapel of the Terres’ house.

Preparations in town square for festival tonight.

Once the news spread, there was a massive rush of the faithful. To avoid disorder, the remains of Saint Philomena were displayed for the first time to public veneration in the parish church of Sant’Angelo a Segno, where they remained for three days.

The night of August 9th, the sacred relics left for Mugnano and arrived there the morning of August 10th and were placed in the Church of Our Lady of Grace. Since the wonders happening were many and the number of devotees kept increasing, the Bishop of Nola invited Don Francis De Lucia to abandon his idea about storing the relics in his oratory.

A new Church of Our Lady of Grace was built in Mugnano. It contains a chapel where the sacred relics were translated on September 29, 1805, and where they remain. That chapel has been constantly redecorated and embellished over the years.

Miracle of Pauline Marie Jaricot and her statement.

After the hearing granted to Msgr. Anselmo Basilici, who had informed him of the many miracles of Saint Philomena, and after the approval of the Congregation of Rites (1834) to grant the Mass “de Communi” and the Office with his own fourth lesson, Pope Gregory XVI, conscious of the situation and its delicacy, before approving the decree of the Sacred Congregation, decided to wait for some other miracle. It arrived with the astonishing healing of Pauline Jaricot, who had founded in Lyon, the Living Rosary and the l’Opera della Propagazione della Fede (Society for the Propagation of the Faith).

Guyana pilgrims in Sanctuary gift shop today.

Struck by violent illness, Jaricot, paralytic and nearly dying, came on pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Mugnano, where she arrived on August 8, 1835, brought on a chair. According to some witnesses she already looked like a cadaver. She remained for two days in prayer in front of the urn of Saint Philomena. On August 10th, during the blessing with the Most Holy Sacrament, she had the sensation of having been healed; she got up and walked without any support. This is how the Servant of God describes the event;

“For many years I had been affected by various illnesses, so serious, that I had no hope of healing as established by a consultation of the doctors of Lyon, who asserted that the resurrection of the dead would have been a miracle of the Most High, and my health, for the incurable illnesses, required more miracles, and big ones.

“But what scared me most of all, and made me tremble every moment with the possibility of imminent death, was an aneurysm of the heart, with which I had suffered for many years, and that especially for the past fifteen months caused me deadly heart palpitations that took my breath away and forced me to stay nearly always in bed. The doctors considered my life like a daily prodigy because the blood that palpitated in my heart, would strike back in my chest, where a sore had generated, which would constantly make me sick with rotten blood, which gave off an intolerable smell even for myself, and I had developed an enormous obstruction in my liver that caused an enormous swelling of my whole body, from the soles of my feet to my neck, as everybody could see.

Kieran Andrew Burns co-founder of new youth initiative called STAR.

“Everybody was moved to compassion, especially the people in Mugnano, who kept observing me the whole time preceding the miracle.

“In this mortal state I had some moments of improvement, but only after the Novenas in honor of Saint Philomena, from devoted people, who for pity took an interest in me.

“My state of immobility in bed, and the aneurysm, the enormous swelling, would not even allow my hand to bring food to my mouth, which I had to receive from other people’s hands. All this was mitigated by Saint Philomena in honor of her merciful, and worthy patronage, in virtue of which, I had unexpected strength of holding in my hands a book, which talked about her, her martyrdoms, and her miracles, and I managed all this without provoking the deadly illnesses, which would return, especially when I wanted to use my left hand. Oh, the amount of hope that I received in the loving patronage of this great Virgin and Martyr!

“Even greater was the effect of these prayers in my favor to Saint Philomena, that I was allowed to leave the bed, and to stay seated the whole day in a chair, which was made for my special use, that I still needed for my journey, of which I will talk about later. I was able to use my strength under the protection of my Saint, so much in my favor, and to undertake the pilgrimage to Paray le Monial, a Sanctuary near Lyon, and famous for the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Glory to this adorable Sacred Heart, which has given me the strength to visit the Basilica of Loreto, Rome, and to be in Mugnano for the visit to the sacred Body of the most lovable Thaumaturge Saint Philomena. Glory to You Most Venerable V. Mary. Glory also to you, chosen daughter, and most loved by the Empress of Heaven, and favorite bride of Jesus, Philomena. You have been my protecting Angel and my support for my whole painful journey. You have been like a helpful cloud, keeping me covered from the harmful heats of the fervent season, which threatened deadly effects, and protecting me from the dangers of such a long journey from Lyon to Mugnano, and from the dangers usually encountered by the night travelers.

Click here to view images the masses today.

“With the medals of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, and of Saint Philomena, which we had placed inside and outside in many places of the coach, and provided even our carriage attendants with, it felt as if we had called the Angels of the Lord around us for protection during our journey by day, and night never interrupted, which was completely exempt from the slightest incident. By simple accidental circumstances, which I like to attribute to my lovable protector Philomena, I arrived in Mugnano at the same time that the blessing of the Most Holy Sacrament was taking place, after the end of the most solemn vespers for my dear advocate’s important festivity, and this was for me a sign for a happy, and Saintly wish.

“My ardent intention to come to the glorious tomb of Saint Philomena to pay her homage, was not to ask for my healing, since I thought that I’d be better to entrust myself in the hands of God, who knows best what is most advantageous. But the charity of the good people who were in the church, and of the good foreign devotees of the Saint, who were numerous inside, and outside, who were present at my arrival, thought that the intention of my journey was the return of my health. I therefore heard a general shouting, which made me understand, that all those souls moved to pity for me were asking the Thaumaturge for my healing. From the night of Saturday the eighth of August until Monday the tenth, I was brought to the church twice a day, on my chair with armrests, and the people who were at the feet of the Saint Virgin and Martyr were asking with fervor for my healing.

“At last Monday evening, at the moment of the blessing of the Most Holy Sacrament I felt unusual strength in me, and with ease I wanted to kneel down. I felt the urge to try and walk, and to go out of the church without my chair. I had it brought after me for precaution, in case my weakness would return, but to my amazement I managed, without it or any support, to walk up to my hotel, and more remarkably I managed to climb freely a whole steep flight of stairs, which I had not managed for the last fifteen months. From this moment I managed, without any help, to go from my accommodation to the church, walk across Mugnano, and even accompany the Most Holy Viaticum in difficult places, and this without feeling the terrible aches typical of my illness.

“Furthermore I have been comfortably kneeling down, like all the other faithful, during the sacred functions, and I can say without any exaggeration, that my health is improving more and more. This is glorifying for her through our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Queen of Virgins, honor this lovable girl, in whom the power of the Divine Triumph has so visibly showed itself. Oh Philomena, preferred Daughter, and charity of Our Lady of Graces! Your heavenly mother delights herself in the beauty of your merits! She glorifies herself in all the surprising features of your virtues for her Son’s honor, your spouse, and her heart rejoices at the sight of the palms and crowns, which all the people of the earth decree to you with much honor! Oh Philomena, your charity has made you admirably known by all the nations, your name has come to give my unhappy country a great reason for hope, this so sweet and powerful name has reached as far as me, and as soon as I heard it, I was attracted to your celebrated tomb, and I have tested the effects of your generous charity. I need to say to your glory, that the benefits already received by me with your intercession, are much higher than the ones of my body, of which I have already reported in details. Therefore I believe that this recognition imposed on me to consecrate myself to my illustrious Benefactress. Yes, Philomena, all my life I want to love you like my beloved, honor you like my protecting Angel, and I hope, with the divine help, to contribute, as much as I can, to honor you, so that everybody can experience, like me, how much you are generously good towards those that tenderly love you, and invoke you.

“I have written down all these details to inform everybody of the unhappy state of my health prior to the prodigious grace of my health, details that I have signed, and written with my own hand, and with people as witness, to give homage to the truth, and fulfill the debt, although ineffectively, of my due recognition, and to comply to the request made by the ecclesiastic and civil authority of Mugnano.”

This miracle is reported by many authors . Here we want to highlight that;

1. Pope Gregory XVI saw Jaricot before she went to Mugnano and affirmed; “In this instance if there will be a miracle, it will be first class.”

2. Returning to the Vatican after the miracle, the aforementioned Pope recognized the healing of Jaricot as an occasion with which God wanted to let the Sanctity of the martyr Philomena glow.

3. Jaricot stayed in Rome for a full year after the miracle, to satisfy the Pope’s desire to make sure of her full recovery.

Because of this miracle Pope Gregory XVI decided once and for all to confirm solemnly January 30, 1837, the decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites of September 6, 1834.

After the extraordinary miracle obtained thanks to the intercession of Saint Philomena, Pauline returned to France. Having gone to visit the Curé of Ars, she gave him a small relic of the Saint Martyr, brought with her from Mugnano. In 1839, as a sign of gratitude, Jaricot returned to Mugnano for four days. She subsequently built, on her property in Lyon, a chapel in honor of Saint Philomena.

Again, I invite you to join us tomorrow for many very special events and watch the events live via the internet.

All Masses and other events inside the Sanctuary will be broadcast live worldwide on the internet via our webcam. To login, please use this link. You will be prompted for a user name and password. The user name is guest01  and the password is ospite. You may be asked to download a plug-in to enable your browser to view our webcam.

06:00 Holy Mass for the Battenti
08:00 Celebration of Holy Mass for Italian and worldwide pilgrims
09:00/12:00 Arrival of the Battenti.
Altavilla Irpina
1st and 2nd groups of Mugnano del Cardinale
  12:00 Holy Mass
16:00 Sacred Procession
19:00 Holy Mass

God Bless you

Msgr. Giovanni Braschi
Rector of the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena

Fr Jason Kulzynski


Fr. Jason Kulzynski talks with Fr. Apostoli about the saints and also his work as the National Director of the Universal Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena.

Sun. Aug. 25 at 8:00 PM ET
Mon. Aug. 26 at 2:00 AM ET
Mon. Aug. 26 at 9:00 AM ET

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The Sanctuary of Saint Philomena Needs your support

God has allowed the Sanctuary in Mugnano del Cardinale to be safe from rain storms once again. Saint Philomena’s devotees and others who love the Sanctuary sent almost enough money to repair the dome of this beautiful example of devotion to Our Lady. The Blessed Mother’s story is painted on the wooden ceiling and the statue of Our Lady of Grace is situated above the high altar.

For thousands of devotees this is such a very special church because within it rest the sacred remains of our Dear Little Saint, Philomena. Those fortunate enough to visit soon understand the strong spiritual presence held within.

Major repair to the dome has now been completed, but the contractors finished their expert work with only our word that the final payments would be forthcoming. So we must ask once again for help. With continuous restoration required in the Sanctuary along with the monthly outlay for general upkeep we don’t have enough to add this final amount. Donations came in from those who want Saint Philomena’s resting place to remain an eternal refuge. It is our mission to see that it remains just that.

We also must protect the many wonderful artifacts: the miraculous statue of Saint Philomena; the tiles from her tomb in the catacombs of Priscilla; Ven. Pauline Jaricot’s chair – where she sat as she was miraculously cured; the altar of Saint Philomena, which broke into two pieces and was miraculously joined together; the oil lamp which burns in front the sacred body of Saint Philomena and from which many miracles have been recorded.

Dome Inspection

Officials final inspection of the dome

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Dios permitió que el Santuario de Mugnano del Cardinale estara a salvo de las tormentas de lluvia, una vez más. Los devotos de Santa Filomena y otros que aman al santuario han publicado suficiente dinero para reparar la cúpula de este bello ejemplo de la devoción a la Virgen. La historia de la Virgen está pintada en el techo y la estatua de madera de la Madonna delle Grazie se encuentra en el altar mayor.

Para miles de devotos es una iglesia muy especial porque en ella se encuentran los restos sagrados de nuestra querida Santa Filomena. Los pocos afortunados que visite pueden entender la fuerte presencia espiritual que está allì dentro.

La reparación mayor de la cúpula se ha completado, pero los contratistas han terminado su trabajo con nuestra palabra de que los pagos finales serían próximamente. Así que tenemos que preguntaros una vez más por su ayuda. Con la restauración continua requerida en el Santuario y el gasto mensual para el mantenimiento general no suficiente dinero llega a esta cantidad final. Las donaciones provienen de los que quieren que el lugar de descanso de Santa Filomena sea un refugio para siempre.

También hay que proteger a los muchos maravillosos productos hechos a mano: la estatua milagrosa de Santa Filomena, las piedras de su tumba en las catacumbas de Priscila, la silla de Pauline Jaricot - donde estaba sentada cuando fue sanada milagrosamente, el altar de Santa Filomena, que fue dividido en dos partes y que se unieron milagrosamente, la lámpara de aceite encendida en frente del cuerpo sagrado de Santa Filomena y gracias a la cual se registraron muchos milagros.

Por favor, sean ustedes generosos y apoyen el hogar terrenal de Santa Filomena donde descansa su cuerpo sagrado.

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Per migliaia di devoti si tratta di una chiesa molto particolare perché al suo interno riposano i resti sacri della nostra cara Santa Filomena. Chi ha la fortuna di visitare può capire la forte presenza spirituale che è all'interno.

la riparazione importante della cupola è stata completata, ma gli appaltatori hanno finito il loro lavoro con la nostra parola che i pagamenti finali sarebbero stati imminenti. Quindi dobbiamo chiedere ancora una volta il vostro aiuto. Con il continuo restauro richiesto nel Santuario e con la spesa mensile per la manutenzione generale non abbiamo abbastanza soldi per raggiungere questo importo finale. Le donazioni arrivano da chi vuole che il luogo dove riposa Santa Filomena sia un rifugio eterno.
Anche noi dobbiamo proteggere i molti meravigliosi prodotti artigianali: la statua miracolosa di Santa Filomena, le pietre dalla sua tomba nelle catacombe di Priscilla; la Sedia di Pauline Jaricot - dove era seduta quando fu guarita miracolosamente, l'altare di Santa Filomena, che fu rotto in due pezzi e che furono miracolosamente uniti, la lampada ad olio che arde davanti al sacro corpo di Santa Filomena e grazie alla quale molti miracoli sono stati registrati.

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Le Sanctuaire de Sainte Philomène a besoin de votre soutien

Dieu a permis le Sanctuaire de Mugnano del Cardinale pour être à l'abri des tempêtes de pluie, une fois de plus. Les dévots de Sainte Philomène et d'autres qui aiment le sanctuaire ont posté assez près de l'argent pour réparer le dôme de ce bel exemple de dévotion à Notre-Dame. L'histoire de la Vierge est peinte sur le plafond et la statue en bois de la Madonna delle Grazie se trouve au-dessus de l'autel principal.

Pour des milliers de dévots, c'est une église très spéciale, car en son sein se trouvent les restes sacrés de notre cher Père Noël Filomena. Ceux qui ont eu la chance de visiter peut comprendre la présence spirituelle forte qui est à l'intérieur.

la réparation majeure de la coupole a été achevé, mais les entrepreneurs ont terminé leur travail avec notre parole que les paiements finaux seraient à venir. Donc, nous devons nous demander une fois encore pour votre aide. Avec la restauration continue requise dans le Sanctuaire et les dépenses mensuelles pour l'entretien général de ne pas avoir assez d'argent pour atteindre ce montant final. Les dons proviennent de ceux qui veulent le lieu de repos de Sainte Philomène est un refuge pour toujours.

Nous devons également protéger les nombreuses magnifiques produits artisanaux: la statue miraculeuse de sainte Philomène, les pierres de son tombeau dans les catacombes de Priscille, le président de Pauline Jaricot - où il était assis quand il a été guéri miraculeusement, l'autel de Sainte Philomène, qui était cassé en deux morceaux et ont été unis par miracle, la lampe à huile qui brûle en face du corps sacré de Sainte Philomène et grâce à laquelle de nombreux miracles ont été enregistrés.

S'il vous plaît être généreux et de soutenir la demeure terrestre de Santa Filomena où il repose son corps sacré.

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