Dear Friends of Saint Philomena,

I have often been heard saying, “My life has been hijacked by a teenage Martyr!” Since meeting the representatives of the Universal Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena in the Fall of 2011 as we prepared for the visit of Monsignor Giovanni Braschi and the Mass and Conference, “It’s Time to Meet Saint Philomena,” it is hard to believe the wonders that have occurred.

The Fall of that year marked a new and powerful boost for the Universal Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena. In his travels through the United States, Monsignor Braschi, with his characteristic charm and tangible love for our patroness, met countless devotees and supporters in various venues. I can echo the words of Dr. Mark Miravalle who, quoting St. Augustine, spoke of his own devotion to Saint Philomena, “Late have I loved thee.” I too came into the picture late in this visit - it was, in fact, the last stop.

The Mass and Conference by all accounts was a great success. Many friends of Saint Philomena, and no fewer fans of Don Giovanni, gathered together to pray and be inspired by the events of the day - and they were. I was honored to be standing nearby as God, who is glorified in His little Saint, manifested His power and mercy to those present. But who would expect that it was a little thing compared to the events that would follow.

In the year that followed, we celebrated the Centennial of the Universal status of the Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena, raised to that rank by Pope Saint Pius X on May 21, 1912, extending it to the entire Church throughout the world. The year 2012 also witnessed the establishment of a National Center for the United States and the appointment of the first National Director. In celebration of the Centennial, the Priest Chaplains of Saint Philomena were founded by the National Director in union with Monsignor Braschi.

Saint Philomena was on the move. Feast Day celebrations, radio interviews and even a spot on television, led more and more people to meet Saint Philomena, and to entrust themselves to her intercession. Many people consistently visit the website of the National Center for the United States with prayer requests as well as requests for Sacramentals. Materials and Prayer Cards are sent weekly to all who ask for them.

New Centers of the Archconfraternity continue to open around the world thanks to the generosity and strong faith of the devotees of Saint Philomena. The Archconfraternity is experiencing amazing growth as more and more people discover . . . and re-discover this powerful intercessor, the New Light of the Church Militant.

I ask for your prayers for the works of the Universal Archconfraternity at this time when the world is so very much in need of the Princess of Heaven, the Patroness of Youth and Patroness of Purity. I also request your material support. The National Center, like the International Archconfraternity and the Sanctuary in Mugnano del Cardinale, relies on your generous donations for our operating expenses which include to a large extent, providing free Prayer Cards and other items to those who request them, in order to make our patroness better known and loved. You can make a donation to the Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena USA online on the website Or they can be mailed to the National Center of the Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena USA, 9220 Old Bustleton Ave., Philadelphia PA 19115.

Thank you for your support and your efforts in promoting devotion to our patroness. Pray for us Saint Philomena, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Reverend Jason V. Kulczynski,
National Director of the Universal Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena
for the United States

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mothertheresa"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." - Mother Teresa.


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