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Dear Family of St. Philomena

Saint Philomena is the Saint of Spirituality. She becomes a part of the lives of those she has chosen to be her friends - those whom she feels are ready for her to be received into their lives. There are many spiritual planes in this world and some people are on a higher spiritual plane than others, these are the friends that Saint Philomena has chosen.

We live in an age where we, as humans, have developed ourselves spiritually in many different ways. Some have chosen the way of God and the Roman Catholic Church; others have chosen to seek the path of one of the many diverse forms of spirituality. There are those who have a deeper understanding of their faith and of God and the Saints. It is a depth deep from within, one that connects beautifully with Saint Philomena. This type of connection cannot be broken.

At this point these seekers have a hunger to learn more of St. Philomena and this is why we have created a new web site for the Family of St. Philomena, officially known as the Universal Archconfraternity of St. Philomena. You may find this at  Join together here in prayer, support and understanding with other likeminded people across the globe.

We are not perfect, for we are human, yet we yearn to be perfect to please God and to show Him how much we love Him. The perfect companion for this journey is Saint Philomena. She was human, just a young girl and subject to the temptations of this life. We do not know of anyone who was the witness of her life, but we believe from all evidence of her life that she strived always to love and please our Creator.

In our new web site you will find a blog giving daily and weekly updates of all worldwide St. Philomena events. You will also find a forum were you can join and chat, as well as a news section with formal communications from the Sanctuary of St. Philomena and the Archconfraternity. I invite you to become part of daily life with St Philomena, personally or spiritually - with pilgrimages to the Sanctuary of St. Philomena or information about the personal pilgrimages welcomed at the Sanctuary’s Pilgrim Center.

St. Philomena doesn’t always give us a sign when we feel we most need it or when life has made us desperate to be acknowledged by God in some small way. These are the times we are taught patience and through patience we learn contentment which leads us to acceptance. Only when we accept our life as it is may we develop as human beings. This is when God allows us to witness the signs and means of communication that St. Philomena uses to show herself. Many devotees, through the years, have experienced three knocks, sometimes quiet and other times very loud, and they know she is with them at that moment.

The instant St. Philomena touches a life, the journey to travel with her changes a person. She has proven to be a wonderful teacher, taking souls closer to Our Lady every step of the way. Her devotees gain a depth of understanding and closeness to God beyond their imagination. They learn the ever deeper spirituality and strength needed to go through the many trials life brings their way. Her devotees know they can deal with these crosses because their Spiritual friend is right beside them. They just have to ask her for help while Jesus and our Holy Mother watch on with great love.

We hope our active new web site will bring even more to the worldwide devotion to St. Philomena. We hope that by us all pulling together our resources and our combined efforts we can make the world a better place. The web site joins spiritually with the Sanctuary of St. Philomena – the International Shrine to St. Philomena - where her Sacred Body rests in this Holy place enshrined in the Sacred Altar. This is where the custodian of her Sacred Body and President of the Archconfraternity, Msgr. Giovanni Braschi continues to lead us in prayer and understanding.

I look forward to speaking to you in our forum, through the intercession of St. Philomena, V. M. and wonderworker.

Pax tecum,

Marie Burns

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Support the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena

The Sanctuary of Saint Philomena is not a parish Church. We do not have parishioners who support this place of worship on a weekly basis. We are completely dependent on the love and generosity of you, the world-wide devotees, to keep the doors of the earthly home of Saint Philomena open.

We pray at the Sanctuary for the devotees of Saint Philomena to recognize and provide the means to pay our monthly utilities of gas and electricity. We also pray for the means to install a lift at the Sanctuary to enable physically challenged pilgrims to experience the entire home of their beloved Saint.

In order to ensure the Sanctuary is able to keep our doors open to you and to continue to offer God continual praise and to be the focal point through which our prayers are received by Saint Philomena and interceded for before God at the Sanctuary, you may donate in the following ways:

  1. Direct to the Sanctuary:
    1. By personal check payable to the "Sanctuary of Saint Philomena." For security reasons, please send your donation through registered or express mail to the Sanctuary's address at the bottom of this newsletter.
    2. Online - Go to our Support Page, Click Here
    3. By bank transfer to the Sanctuary's Bank account: BANCA UNICREDIT MUGNANO DEL CARDINALE(30525) BANK ACCOUNT:N° 000400102946 SWIFT CODE:UNCRITM1E94 IBAN:IT18D0200875790000400102946
  2. U.S.A. Tax-Deductible Donations may be sent to the new non-profit set up in the United States:
    1. Online - Go to our Support Page, Click Here
    2. Postal mail donations can be made to: Saint Philomena Sanctuary Support Fund, Inc. P.O. Box 4114 Bergheim, Texas 78004, U.S.A.

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Rector, Msgr. Giovanni Braschi

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