Ten Year Anniversary of the Bicentennial Celebrations

Dear Family of Saint Philomena,

It is almost August as preparation begins for the feasts to mark the anniversary of the transfer of the remains of Saint Philomena from the Catacombs in Rome to Mugnano Del Cardinale.

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Additionally, many of you obtain devotional items from the Sanctuary’s online shop specifically to be blessed on the day of the Great Feast Please specify your desire for me to do this on your order form. Also, if you wish to request that your intentions, or those of a loved one, are taken to the High Altar on that day, I will be so pleased to do that for you and you may specify that through the online shop also.

The Bicentenary Celebration in 2005 was a wondrous triumph and ten years later is still one of my happiest memories. This demonstrated in a special way the great devotion and dedication of the Philomena Family throughout the world and the power of our great Virgin Martyr to all of humanity. A surprisingly vast number of pilgrims came to the Sanctuary to venerate Saint Philomena and to participate in the many religious celebrations held in Mugnano del Cardinale. See the schedule below for the celebrations planned for this year.

The bicentennial year celebration was the first exposure of the Urn of Saint Philomena recorded and available for viewing on the internet. The first video on our website is the August 7th, 2005 exposition of the Urn of Saint Philomena. The second video is the August 14th, 2005 Battenti celebration.

The Battenti is the earliest continuous practice of homage to Saint Philomena. Seas of people join in honor of Saint Philomena in the smoldering August heat. Hundreds proceed from many kilometers away from Mugnano del Cardinale to the Sanctuary to kneel in front of the sacred altar of Saint Philomena. They are barefoot as part of their annual pilgrimage of self-mortification and purification in homage to their beloved saint. One can imagine, after hours in the Italian summer heat, the exhilaration they must experience as they prostrate themselves humbly on the cool marble floors inside.

Click here to view videos and slide-shows of the special 2005 Bicentennial Celebrations.

Those of you who own a second-class relic (only available from the Sanctuary) may be interested in this story. The Urn of Saint Philomena is opened only once every fifty years. When the Urn is opened, her outer garments are cleaned or replaced with new garments; her hair is combed and other details of her appearance are tended to. Her undergarments are removed, shredded and used to make cloth to produce new second class relics.

Sending you a special Feast Celebration Blessing from the Altar of the Sacred Body of Saint Philomena

Msgr. Giovanni Braschi
Rector of the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena
Custodian of her Sacred Body

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Religious Program Schedule

All Masses and other events inside the Sanctuary will be broadcast live world-wide on the internet via our webcam. To login, please use this link. You will be prompted for a user name and password. The user name is guest01  and the password is ospite. You may be asked to download a plug-in to enable your browser to view our webcam.

Sunday 2 August10:00Exposition of the Statue of Saint Philomena
Holy mass morning and afternoon
Solemn Liturgical Celebration
Monday 3 August10:00Feast of the Cure d’Ars, Great devotee of our Saint
Masses in the morning and afternoon
Tuesday 4 August19:30Holy Mass at a little outdoor shrine at Rione Campo
Wednesday 5 August19:30Holy Mass at a little outdoor shrine at Piazzetta Santo Curato D’Ars
Thursday 6 August19:00Initiation of the Sacred Tridium with Fr. Paolo Saturno, Redemtorist
Saturday 8 August19:00Holy Mass for Battenti and blessing of the picture
06:00Holy Mass for the Battenti
08:00Celebration of Holy Mass for pilgrims of Italian and worldwide.
09:00/12:00Arrival of the Battenti.
Altavilla Irpina
1st and 2nd groups of Mugnano del Cardinale
 12:00Holy Mass
16:00Sacred Procession
19:00Holy Mass
Monday 10 AugustFeast of the Traslation of the Sacred Body of Saint Philomena from Roma to Mugnano del Cardinale (AV)
08:00Solemn liturgical Mass
10:00Solemn liturgical Mass
 19:00Solemn liturgical Mass
Tuesday 11 AugustLitugical Feast Celebration of Saint Philomena
10:00Celebration Holy Mass
19:00Celebration Holy Masss
Thursday 13 AugustFeast of the name of Saint Philomena
08:00Celebration of Holy Mass at the Altar of our Saint
09:00Solemn liturgical celebration
 19:00Holy Mass
Friday 21 AugustFeast of Saint Pius X, devotee and promotor of the devotion of Saint Philomena
09:00Celebration Holy Mass
19:00Celebration Holy Masss
Sunday 30 AugustConsecration of children to Saint Philomena after the celebration of each Holy Mass
 10:00Celebration of Holy Mass
 12:00Celebration of Holy Mass
 19:00Celebration of Holy Mass

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The Sanctuary of Saint Philomena is not a parish Church. We do not have parishioners who support this place of worship on a weekly basis. We are completely dependent on the love and generosity of you, the world-wide devotees, to keep the doors of the earthly home of Saint Philomena open.

We pray at the Sanctuary for the devotees of Saint Philomena to recognize and provide the means to pay our monthly utilities of gas and electricity. We also pray for the means to install a lift at the Sanctuary to enable physically challenged pilgrims to experience the entire home of their beloved Saint.

In order to ensure the Sanctuary is able to keep our doors open to you and to continue to offer God continual praise and to be the focal point through which our prayers are received by Saint Philomena and interceded for before God at the Sanctuary, you may donate in the following ways:

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