Dear Devotees and Generous Benefactors of the Sanctuary,

I feel it quite important that you understand the importance of the holy oil of Saint Philomena which is a sacramental of the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena. This is the only place you can get the authentic holy oil of Saint Philomena.

The tradition of the St. Philomena Holy Oil began the first week after the translation of the Saint’s relics to Mugnano on Sunday, the 11th of August, 1805. For nine days the population prayed before the saint, and the ninth day was marked by many portents. During High Mass, a poor widow, Angela Guerriero, was praying with faith even though after those eight days there had not been a sign to indicate there would be a cure of her ten-year-old Modestino, who was crippled and unable to stand. Just as she had bowed her head she heard a slither beside her, and turning round to see if Modestino had fallen, she saw him running up the aisle to Philomena to thank her for his cure. After Mass, Modestino had to walk round the town and show everyone his straight legs. Of course, all the bells had to be rung again, and Modestino was followed by all the drums of the local band playing as hard as possible to make up for the fact that they had used up all the gunpowder last Sunday and so could not be more explosive.

Everyone in the town tried to get into the church for Vespers, but cram as they might, this was not possible. There was one woman who held her blind two-year old child in her arms. His blindness had been caused by small-pox. She pushed and struggled in vain, but during the sermon, when the crowd was standing more or less still, she managed to edge her way, inch by inch, to the shrine. She dipped her finger in the oil of a lamp which was burning before the shrine, and anointed the baby’s eyes. Instantly and without pain, the scarred eyelids opened. The eyes beneath saw the light of the lamp and the baby laughed with joy and grabbed for it.

Each year thereafter, villages from all over Europe have brought Olive Oil from their respective groves as a gift to the Sanctuary to be blessed on the special annual Feast day which Pope Leo XIII granted the Patronage Feast of Saint Philomena on January, 14th, 1896.

This Blessed Oil of St. Philomena, which may not be replicated outside the shrine, are provided to Official Archconfraternity Centres throughout the world for distribution to devotees who request it

The blessing with the Oil of St. Philomena as a devotion may be given by a priest as well as a lay devotee, as long as its use is within the prayerful intention of the Church as a sign of divine blessing and an expression of faith. The anointing may be given on the forehead and the following prayer may be recited.

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Sending you a blessing from the Altar of the Sacred Body of Saint Philomena,

Msgr. Giovanni Braschi
Rector of the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena
Custodian of her Sacred Body

Prayer to St. Philomena for use with her blessed oil

O St. Philomena,
Virginal bride of Jesus and daughter of Mary Immaculate,
As we bless ourselves with your holy oil,
we invoke your powerful intercession
for heroic purity of heart
and the perfection of Christian love.
May its use strengthen our souls and heal our bodies
according to God’s perfect will.
Dear St. Philomena, model of purity and icon of courage,
especially for the youth of today,
pray for us that God may grant to our hearts
a martyrs courage under persecution,
A holy purity of mind and body,
And a heroic love for Jesus,
our divine Lord and Master.


Support the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena

The Sanctuary of Saint Philomena is not a parish Church. We do not have parishioners who support this place of worship on a weekly basis. We are completely dependent on the love and generosity of you, the world-wide devotees, to keep the doors of the earthly home of Saint Philomena open.

We pray at the Sanctuary for the devotees of Saint Philomena to recognize and provide the means to pay our monthly utilities of gas and electricity. We also pray for the means to install a lift at the Sanctuary to enable physically challenged pilgrims to experience the entire home of their beloved Saint.

In order to ensure the Sanctuary is able to keep our doors open to you and to continue to offer God continual praise and to be the focal point through which our prayers are received by Saint Philomena and interceded for before God at the Sanctuary, you may donate in the following ways:

  1. Direct to the Sanctuary:
    1. By personal check payable to the "Sanctuary of Saint Philomena." For security reasons, please send your donation through registered or express mail to the Sanctuary's address at the bottom of this newsletter.
    2. Online - Go to our Support Page, Click Here
    3. By bank transfer to the Sanctuary's Bank account: BANCA UNICREDIT MUGNANO DEL CARDINALE(30525) BANK ACCOUNT:N° 000400102946 SWIFT CODE:UNCRITM1E94 IBAN:IT18D0200875790000400102946
  2. U.S.A. Tax-Deductible Donations may be sent to the new non-profit set up in the United States:
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    2. Postal mail donations can be made to: Saint Philomena Sanctuary Support Fund, Inc. P.O. Box 4114 Bergheim, Texas 78004, U.S.A.

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Rector, Msgr. Giovanni Braschi

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