My Dearest Devotees

I am very happy to announce the worldwide feast program and I implore each of you to pass this newsletter on to a friend because you will be giving them the greatest gift of all, you will be introducing them to a wonder working Saint. I read day after day here at the sanctuary of the many prayers answered and miracles proclaimed through her powerful intercession. Tell your friends, neighbors, sons, daughters, grandchildren, your parents, your God children, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles: “Here is St. Philomena the Wonder Worker, if you need a miracle pray to this saint!”

Our Lord kept this pure and loving virgin martyr hidden until the time He knew we needed her most which is now. I need her and I believe you need her too. I have sent out a novena prayer in last week’s newsletter and invite you all to join me in reciting it and imploring our Saints help. I continually seek her intercession and she continues to listen and help me, every day! This doesn’t mean that my life is without trial but I can tell you every day I feel the presence and love of this Saint and I see her work in many different ways in many different lives. I am never alone for she is with me. Invite her into your life, ask her each day for her intercession with something, the burdens you carry will become lighter and you will know she is there.

Sending you a blessing from the Altar of the Sacred Body of St. Philomena

Her Humble Servant

Msgr. Giovanni Braschi
Rector of the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena
Custodian of her Sacred Body

Very Especially Blessed Saint Philomena items

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This offer is in honor of the Feast of St. Philomena

Power Princess of Paradise

Everything ordered between now and August 9th will be taken to the Holy Altar of the Sacred Body of Saint Philomena to be blessed at her major Feast on August 10th.

Many of these items would be perfect to give to your children, grandchildren or godchildren to take with them to their first day back in school!


Worldwide Feast Celebrations



Reverend Jason V. Kulczynski,
National Director of the Archconfraternity of
Saint Philomena for the United States

Invites you to join

The National and Local
Regional Directors of the Universal
Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena
for a special celebration of

Holy Mass in honor of her Feast Day on
Sunday, August 10, 2014, at 2:00 pm, at
Holy Spirit Catholic Church,
12 Winder Road, New Castle, Delaware.
Mass will be followed by
Devotions to Saint Philomena and Veneration of the Relic.

There will be reception following the devotions
and St. Philomena Sacramentals including the
Blessed Oil from the lamp at her tomb in the
Sanctuary in Mugnano del Cardinale, the Blessed
Cord and the Chaplet will be available. We will
also have available several second class relics of
Saint Philomena from the vestments which clothe her
sacred remains.

You are most welcome to join us in person, or in
prayer, on this occasion. Please also share this
invitation with your family and friends. As
always, you can go to
for more information, and you can contact me
directly at  You can also
now find me on Facebook.

Please also tune in to the special broadcast about
Saint Philomena and the Universal Archconfraternity
on my radio show, Aim High, on Radio Maria, on
Friday, August 8 at 11 am Eastern Time, on your
local station or on the internet at

I wish you many blessings during the holy days of
the Novena through the powerful intercession of
Saint Philomena.

In the Lord and Saint Philomena,
Reverend Jason V. Kulczynski,
U. S. National Director of the Universal Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena
Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church
9220 Old Bustleton Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19115


San Jose

Santa Clara, Our Lady of Peace Shrine


Feast of St. Philomena
Aug 11th at 7.30pm
St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church
11330 Woodstock Road, Roswell, GA 30075

Holy Mass
St. Philomena Prayers

Special celebrant from Rome, Archbishop Kabongo
Sacramentals from Sanctuary avalable

Centre Representative: Mary Jane Gilbert:
Or Joe Atkins: (C)-770-712-0261


St. Frances Cabrini Church
2211 E. Texas Ave.
Alexandria, LA 71302

Solemn novena in preparation for the
Feast of St. Philomena
Beginning Saturday, August the 2nd and ending on the 11th.
A Solemn High Mass will
be sung on
Monday, August 11th at 6pm
Fr. Chad Partain


Please join Detroit’s Historic St. Joseph’s Catholic Church as we celebrate the
Feast of St. Philomena.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

9:05 AM: Recitation of the Rosary

9:30 AM: Tridentine Latin Sung Mass followed by prayers to St. Philomena and veneration of the Relic of St. Philomena

11:30 AM: English Mass followed by prayers to St. Philomena and veneration of the Relic of St. Philomena

St. Philomena books, statues, chaplets and medals will be available for sale in the our Gift Shop in the Parish Hall after both the Masses. (Please note: we do not carry the Cords or the Oil of St. Philomena

St. Joseph Church
(Mother of Divine Mercy Parish)
1828 Jay Street,
Detroit, Michigan 48207


We are celebrating St. Philomena’s feast day
Saint Philomena Outdoor Shrine St. Clement Church
216 E. Wooster Street
Navarre, Oh 44662
Tel: 330-879 5900
Saturday, August 9, 10am-1pm,
Holy mass celebrated by Father Gibas
followed by fellowship and faith sharing during a potluck lunch immediately to follow.
Every year, we have books, holy cords, prayer cards and blessed oil from the Sanctuary in Mugnano available for devotees.
This will be our 11th anniversary celebration and the shrine is more beautiful than ever.


San Antinio

Feast of St. Philomena
August 11, 2014 at 5:30pm
Holy Mass
pray The Litany of St. Philomena at her statue at
Holy Spirit Church
8134 Blanco Rd,
San Antonio,
TX 78216

We will join in praying with devotees from all over the world to
ask for St. Philomena's intercession and protection

coordinator for the Archconfraternity of St. Philomena in San Antonio.


Feast Mass for St. Philomena

Mass will be celebrated on
August 10 at 8:00a.m. at
St. Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church,
adjacent to The National Shrine of St. Philomena in
Briggsville, WI.

For any additional information please email
Susan Hilliard


St. Philomena's Feast days

St. Anthony’s Parish
2347 Inglewood Avenue
West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 1Z9
Phone: 604-926-6881

Mass said for her on August 16th
Main Feast Celebration will be held on
September 27th

Rosary at 8:30 am
Mass at 9:00
followed by coffee and sharing
chaplet for our intentions and those associated with St. Philomena worldwide

Jane Torresan, Center Representative for
British Columbia, West Vancouver, Canada
Archconfraternity Center (13)


Cote D’Ivoire


Thème : « l’amour de la prière dans un cœur pur »

1er Jour : vendredi 01/08/2014 (communautaire)
Sous thème : repentance et réconciliation
Texte à méditer : 1Jean1. 8-10
Exercice de piété : méditation des mystères douloureux
Actes à poser : Messe + Confession +Réconciliation avec soi-même, avec les autres et avec Dieu
Texte de la neuvaine du premier jour

Déroulement de la prière communautaire
- Louange
- Prière d’ouverture (Annonce de l’intention : le bon déroulement de la veillée du 8 Août et de le Messe du 10 à Saint Albert le Grand)
- Demande de pardon
- Invocation de l’Esprit –Saint
- Lecture de la Parole de Dieu (Texte de méditation du jour)
- Exhortation

- Texte de la neuvaine du premier jour pour le bon déroulement des activités
- Supplique à Sainte Philomène
- Chapelet à Sainte Philomène
- Litanie à Sainte Philomène

2ème Jour : Samedi 02/08/2014
Sous thème : la vertu de la persévérance
Texte à méditer : 1corinthiens15. 58 / 2corinthiens4. 16-18
Exercice de piété : méditation des mystères joyeux
Actes à poser : s’engager à la suite du Christ en participant aux activités de la confraternité ; s’engager à respecter ce programme ci établi.
Texte de la neuvaine du deuxième jour

3ème Jour : Dimanche 03/08/2014
Sous thème : la vertu de l’humilité
Texte à méditer : Romains12. 3-8 / 1Pierre5. 5-6
Exercice de piété : méditation des mystères glorieux
Actes à poser : apprendre à vivre la vertu de l’humilité au cours de ma journée.
Texte de la neuvaine du troisième jour

4ème Jour : lundi 04/08/2014
Sous thème : la vertu de la piété
Texte à méditer : 1Jean5. 14-15 / Philippiens4. 6-7
Exercice de piété : méditation des mystères joyeux
Actes à poser : Messe + Adoration au Saint Sacrement
Texte de la neuvaine du quatrième jour

5ème Jour : mardi 05/08/2014
Sous thème : la vertu de la patience et la fidélité
Texte à méditer : Hébreux 10. 36-37 ; 12. 1-3 / Jacques5. 7-11
Exercice de piété : méditation des mystères douloureux
Actes à poser : apprendre à supporter dans la patience nos épreuves et difficultés au cours de la journée.
Texte de la neuvaine du cinquième jour

6ème jour : mercredi 06/08/2014
Sous thème : la vertu de la pureté
Texte à méditer : 2Timothée2. 22 / 1Théssaloniciens4. 3-5 / 1Pierre2. 12
Exercice de piété : méditation des mystères glorieux
Actes à poser : apprendre à garder son corps, son âme et son esprit pur au cours de la journée.
Texte de la neuvaine du sixième jour

7ème Jour : jeudi 07/08/2014
Sous thème : la vertu de la foi
Texte à méditer : Romains3. 21-23 ; 10. 17 / Hébreux11. 1-12
Exercice de piété : méditation des mystères lumineux
Actes à poser : Messe + Jeûne + Renouvellement de son acte de foi en la Sainte Trinité (Dieu le Père, Dieu le Fils, Dieu l’Esprit Saint)
Texte de la neuvaine du septième jour

8ème Jour : Vendredi 08/08/2014
Sous thème : la vertu de l’espérance
Texte à méditer : Hébreux6. 12-20 / 1Pierre1. 3-9 / 1Jean3. 1-3
Exercice de piété : méditation des mystères douloureux
Actes à poser : Participer à la veillée de la confraternité du soir
Texte de la neuvaine du huitième jour

\9ème Jour : Samedi 09/08/2014
Sous thème : la vertu de l’Amour ou de la charité
Texte à méditer : 1Corinthiens13 / 1Jean4. 7-21
Exercice de piété : méditation des mystères joyeux
Actes à poser : apprendre à poser des actes d’amour autour de soi au cours de la journée.
Texte de la neuvaine du neuvième jour


Solemn celebration of the Feast of
Santa Philomena V.M
Santa Filomena Church Paradera

Feast in honor of Santa Filomena will begin on Sunday 27 July 2014 with
the traditional Family Day with coffee cake buffet and bazar with selling of plants, food starting at 10.00 am. in Centro Caiquetio at Paradera.

From the 2nd till the 10th of August will be held the

Every day at 6.15 pm we will pray the Rosary of Santa Filomena followed by the Nobena and a Holy Mass.

THE NOBENA on Sunday the 10th. of August will take place at 4.45 pm.

Monday the 11th of August celebration of the GREAT FEAST of our beloved Saint Filomena:
At 6.00 pm there will be a procession around the Church premises, followed by a Holy Solemn Mass concelebrated by various priests while the
Mayor celebrant will be our Bishop
Mgr. Luis Antonio Secco.

Sunday the 31st. of August at 10.00 am a Holy Solemn Mass will be celebrated and dedicated to the Consecration of babies, boys and girls to Saint Filomena.

Rev. Father Toti Fuentebella, Parish Priest of the Saint Filomena Church in Aruba and Spiritual Director of the Universal Archconfraternity of Saint Filomena Aruba.

Lacides Alfonso and Helena Filomena Diana Jimenez Wever
Representatives of the Universal Archconfraternity of Saint Filomena
Center 23, Aruba.
Caya Juancho Kock 16
telephone (00297) 5824661


The National Centre for the Archconfraternity
of St Philomena, Rochester, Australia.

St. Joseph’s Church
Rochester Victoria
(Ph 03 54 841073)

Fr. Peter Austin, National Director for Australia

Timetable of Devotions for


10.30am Holy Rosary & Confessions

11am Holy Mass

12noon—1pm byo Lunch. Tea and coffee provided

1pm—3pm Prayers & Talk Procession, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, quiet adoration, hymns, prayers, rosary and confession, blessing with the oil of St Philomena and veneration of the relic.

3pm Benediction

3.15pm Finish & afternoon tea.

If travelling a distance to attend please check this web site to confirm the feast day is still being celebrated or phone 03 54841073.



Scotland, Motherwell

England, London

St Philomena Prayer Group in

St Anselm’s RC Church
9 Tooting Bec Road
London SW17 8BS
Tel: 020 8672 2179

Invite you to
Feast Day of St Philomena on
Monday 11th August with
Con-celebration Mass,
song Mass at 7pm,
followed by a party in the church hall

(nearest underground is Tooting Bec Station on the Northern Line)


Holy Mass on

Lolita & John Laiguille



Prayer Group
“Prier pour la vie avec Sainte Philomène”
invites you to the feast of Saint Philomena in Saint-Laurent on
Aug. 30th 2014
Parish Saint- Laurent – Metro Gare de l’Est
68 Boulevard Magenta 75010 Paris

12:15 am Thanksgiving Mass to St. Philomena
1pm lunch
3pm prayer with the group
4pm testimonials

Contact : Bernadette, Tel 0146072465


Feat Celebrations

Martyr's church
Rua Garrett, Chiado, Lisbon
on Sunday the 10th August.
The Eucharistic Celebrations will be at 6:00 pm,
led by Canon Armando Duarte.

Portugal, many celebrations will take place on the 10th August in honour of our Princess Philomena.
--St. Catarina's church (Calçada do Combro), LISBON; 10:00 a.m lead by priest D. Pedro Boto
-- St Peter's church , Caneças (Municipality of Odivelas), 10:30 a.m lead by priest Fernando André
-- Cartuxa's church, Caxias (Municipality of Oeiras), 12:30 a.m lead by priest Antonio Tavares
--Laveiras's church, Caxias (Municipality of Oeiras), 7:00 p.m lead by priest Antonio Tavares
--Covoes'S church, (Municipality of Cantanhede), 8:00 a.m lead by priest Henrique Maçarico
-- Bolho's church (Municipality of Cantanhede), 9:15 a.m lead by priest Henrique Maçarico
--Pucariça's church (Municipality of Cantanhede), 10:15 a.m lead by priest Henrique Maçarico




August 8, 2014 (Friday)
St. Philomena, whose life was one of continual prayer
Novena 6:00 p.m.
Novena Mass 6:30 p.m.
Bishop Emeritus of Kalookan

August 9, 2014 (Saturday)
St. Philomena, helper of souls in doubt and darkness
Novena 6:00 p.m. Novena Mass 6:30 p.m.
Bishop of Naval

August 10, 2014 (Sunday)
St. Philomena, faithful imitator of Jesus Christ
Solemn Procession 3:30 p.m.
Novena 5:30 p.m. Novena Mass 6:00 p.m.
Bishop-Prelate of Batanes

August 11, 2014 (Monday)
Virgin, Martyr, and Wonder-worker
Celebrant: Mass 6:00 a.m. (Filipino)
Provincial Minister, Capuchin Philippine Province

Celebrant: Mass 9:00 a.m. (English)
National Director, Pontifical Mission Societies

Celebrants: Mass 12:00 noon (English)
Bishop of Daet

Parish Administrator
Santuario de Santa Philomena, Most Holy Redeemer Parish

Spiritual Director
The Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena

Celebrant: Mass 4:00 p.m. (English)
Spiritual Director
The Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena

Celebrant: Mass 6:00 p.m. (English)
Spiritual Director
The Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena

Note: There will be anointing of the Holy Oil and veneration of the Holy Relic of St. Philomena after each Mass.

For more information call :Contact Numbers: 0918-547-0605 / Landline (02) 365-1011.

Mis queridos devotos,

Estoy contento de anunciar el programa de las celebraciones dedicadas a Santa Filomena en el mundo y por favor pase este boletín a todos sus amigos. Todos los días recibo noticias al Santuario de muchas oraciones acogidas y milagros obtenidos gracias a su poderosa intercesión. Anunciad a vuestros seres queridos: ".! Santa Filomena es la grande taumaturga y si necesite un milagro reza a esta Santa" Nuestro Señor ha ocultado a Santa Filomena, virgen y mártir, hasta que sus devotos han tenido la necesidad de conocerLa. yo siempre necesito rezar a mi pequeña Papá y yo creo que ustedes también La necesitáis.

En el boletín de la semana pasada anuncié que recé una novena de oraciones e invité a todos a unirse en oración para implorar la ayuda de nuestra Santa. Constantemente me pregunto su intercesión y ella continúa a escucharme y a ayudarme todos los días! Siento su presencia continua y su amor en cada momento de mis días. Nunca estoy solo, porque ella está conmigo. Rezad a Santa Filomena todos los días por su intercesión.

Os bendigo de sde el Altar del Santísimo Cuerpo de Santa Filomena

Su humilde siervo

Monseñor Giovanni Braschi
Rector del Santuario de Santa Filomena

Apoyar el Santuario de Santa Filomena

mothertheresaMadre Teresa "No es cuánto damos, sino cuánto amor ponemos en el dar."
Si puedes, por favor, envíe un donativo, ofrecer oraciones por la obra del Santuario y de la ArchiCofradía. hablad con la gente y difundid la devoción a nuestra pequeña Santa Filomena.

Tenemos muchos objetos devocionales disponibles para ayudar a mantener su vida de oración, estatuas, medallas reliquia, cordon, los óleos, libros, tarjetas de oración, y más. Con cada compra, usted apoya directamente al Santuario. Puede ver los distintos artículos y comprar en línea en

Usted puede hacer una donación a través de una de las siguientes maneras -

  1. Directamente al Santuario:
    1. Por cheque a nombre de "El Santuario de Santa Filomena." Por razones de seguridad, por favor envíe su donación por correo o entrega en la dirección del Santuario en la parte inferior de este boletín.
    2. Online - Vaya a nuestra página de soporte, haga clic aquí
    3. Por transferencia bancaria en la cuenta bancaria del Santuario BANCA UNICREDIT MUGNANO DEL CARDINALE(30525) BANK ACCOUNT:N° 000400102946 SWIFT CODE:UNCRITM1E94 IBAN:IT18D0200875790000400102946
  2. Donaciones de Estados Unidos pueden ser enviadas a la nueva organización sin fines de lucro establecida en los Estados Unidos:
    1. Online - Vaya a nuestra página de soporte, haga clic aquí
    2. Donaciones de correo se pueden hacer como Santuario de Santa Filomena Support Fund, Inc. PO Box 4114 Bergheim, Texas 78004, United States

Miei cari devoti,

Sono molto felice di annunciare i programmi delle celebrazioni dedicate a Santa Filomena in tutto il mondo e vi prego di trasmettere questa newsletter a tutti i vostri amici . Ogni giorno ricevo notizie al Santuario di molte preghiere esaudite e di miracoli avvenuti grazie alla sua potente intercessione Annuncia ai tuoi cari: "Ecco Santa Filomena, la grande Taumaturga. Se avete bisogno di un miracolo pregate questa Santa! "Nostro Signore ha tenuto nascosta la vergine e martire Filomena fin quando i suoi devoti hanno avuto bisogno di Lei. Io ho sempre bisogno della mia piccola Santa e credo che voi ne abbiate bisogno.

Nella newsletter della scorsa settimana vi ho annunciato che avrei recitato una Novena di preghiere ed ho invitato tutti voi a unirvi nella preghiera per implorare l'aiuto della nostra Santa. Io chiedo costantemente la sua intercessione e lei continua ad ascoltarmi ed aiutarmi, ogni giorno! Io sento la sua continua presenza e il suo amore in ogni istante delle mie giornate. Non sono mai solo, perché lei è con me. Lasciatela entrare nella vostra vita; pregatela ogni giorno per la sua intercessione.

Vi benedico dall’ Altare del Sacro Corpo di Santa Filomena

Il suo umile Servo

Mons. Giovanni Braschi
Rettore del Santuario di Santa Filomena

Sostenere il Santuario di Santa Filomena

mothertheresaMadre Teresa "Non è quanto diamo, ma quanto amore mettiamo nel dare."
Se è possibile, si prega di inviare una donazione, offrire preghiere per le opere del Santuario e l'Arciconfraternita. parlare alla gente e di diffondere la devozione alla nostra piccola Santa.

Abbiamo molti oggetti devozionali disponibili per contribuire a sostenere la vostra vita di preghiera: statue, medaglie con reliquia, cordone, olio santo, libri, santini, e altro ancora. Con ogni acquisto, sostenete direttamente il Santuario. È possibile visualizzare le varie voci e acquistare online sul sito

Si può fare una donazione attraverso uno dei seguenti modi -

  1. Direttamente al Santuario:
    1. Con assegno intestato a "Santuario di Santa Filomena." Per motivi di sicurezza, si prega di inviare la tua donazione attraverso posta raccomandata o espresso all'indirizzo del Santuario in fondo a questa newsletter.
    2. Online - Vai alla nostra pagina di supporto, Clicca Qui
    3. Tramite bonifico bancario sul conto corrente bancario del Santuario: BANCA UNICREDIT MUGNANO DEL CARDINALE(30525) BANK ACCOUNT:N° 000400102946 SWIFT CODE:UNCRITM1E94 IBAN:IT18D0200875790000400102946
  2. USA le donazioni possono essere inviate al nuovo non profit istituito negli Stati Uniti:
    1. Online - Vai alla nostra pagina di supporto, Clicca Qui
    2. Donazioni di posta possono essere fatte a: Santuario di Santa Filomena Support Fund, Inc. PO Box 4114 Bergheim, Texas 78004, U.S.A.

Mes chers fidèles,

Je suis très heureux d'annoncer le programme des célébrations dédiées à Sainte Philomène dans le monde et s'il vous plaît transmettez ce bulletin à tous vos amis. Chaque jour, je reçois des nouvelles au Sanctuaire de nombreuses prières répondues et des miracles grâce à sa puissante intercession. Annoncez à vos proches: ".! C'est Sainte Philomène, le la grande Thaumaturge. Si vous ayez besoin d'un miracle priez cette sainte « Notre Seigneur a caché Sainte Philomène, vierge et martyre jusqu'à ce que ses dévots ont eu besoin d’elle.

Dans le bulletin de la semaine dernière, j'ai annoncé que j’aurai prié une neuvaine de prières et j'ai invité tous à vous joindre dans la prière pour implorer l'aide de notre Sainte. Je demande constamment son intercession et elle continue à m'écouter et m'aider chaque jour! Je sens sa permanente présence et son amour à chaque instant de mes jours. Je ne suis jamais seule, parce qu'elle est avec moi. Laissez-la venir dans votre vie; priez-la chaque jour pour son intercession.

Je vous bénis de l'Autel de la corps sacré de Sainte Philomène

Son humble serviteur

Mons. Giovanni Braschi
Rettore del Santuario di Santa Filomena

Sanctuary of Saint Philomena
Piazza Umberto I
83027 Mugnano del Cardinale
Avellino, Italy
Tel: 0039 081 825 7204 Fax: 0039 081 511 2733
Rector, Msgr. Giovanni Braschi