Dear Devotees of Saint Philomena,

Today I send you the second in a series of newsletters that document the many miracles of Saint Philomena I also want to announce we are having our Summer Clearance sale in the gift shop here at the Sanctuary.

It is important to remember that the devotional items in our shop are designed especially for the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena in Mugnano del Cardinale, Italy. They are authentic symbols of Our Little Saint and have been blessed by the Rector of the Sanctuary before shipped to you to use in your personal appeals to Saint Philomena for her assistance in your life and to spread knowledge of her Power with God among those who will be uplifted by her story. For a limited time only, I am offering a thirteen percent off all devotional items, for one week only and guaranteed deliver before the great feast on August 10, 2014.

For many Saints, the veneration of the faithful finds important foundation in the edifying events of their earthly life. For Saint Philomena, things were different, since there were no records about her short life until her martyrdom in the prime of her life. Therefore, Saint Philomena has ascended to the glory of the Altars not for what we concretely know about her brief earthly existence, but for the countless graces and miracles that God has lavished through her powerful intercession. Because she lived her life focusing on the love of Christ, she became very dear to God’s divine heart. What is missing in the veneration of Saint Philomena, regarding historic records, is abundantly compensated for by the richness and multiplicity of the miracles she performed thanks to her intercession from the day of the translation of her bones from Rome to Mugnano. Rightly, Pope Gregory XVI defined her as the “Thaumaturge of the XIX century”.

Everyone who gets close to her with faith is helped in body and soul. For example, the miracles performed by the Saint in Ars were so many that the pious parish priest John Marie Vianney had to pray that these would diminish in order not to be distracted from the caring of souls.

From the many miracles performed, we have chosen just a few of them which we will divide in two groups. In the first group (see below) we will place the extraordinary, and at the same time, widely corroborated by official acts and authoritative recognitions. In the second (sending to you next week) we will place the healings, and although reported by people worthy of trust, these can give rise to some uncertainty for lack of documentation.

Msgr. Giovanni Braschi
Rector of the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena
Custodian of her Sacred Body

Miracles corroborated by official acts and authoritative recognitions from Popes, Bishops, and important people.

Miracle of the healing of the Franciscan Sister Maria Gesualda Garelli.
When Msgr. Anselmo Basilici, on June 16, 1835, came to Rome to the Holy See to report to the Pope about the prodigy of Saint Philomena’s Relics, the Saint was already highly venerated and well known in Rome.

Amongst the many miracles performed in the Eternal City, we remember the one about the Franciscan Sister Maria Gesualda Carelli, because it was certified by two eminent Cardinals.

This religious Franciscan had received the last Sacraments because she was so ill that she could no longer open her eyes and feed herself. Everybody was just waiting for her to die.
When her confessor applied on the agonizing face an image of Saint Philomena, instantaneously Sister Maria Gesualda sat on the bed and shouted; “I’m healed!”.
The Cardinal Galeffi, protector of the monastery of the Saints Cosma and Damiano, ascertained the healing on the spot and Cardinal Zurla, vicar of His Sanctity, dealt with the necessary legal information .

Miraculous healing of Giovanna Cescutti (Venice ,1835) for the intercession of Saint Philomena.
This miracle happened a month before the one equally astonishing of the healing of Pauline Jaricot at the Sanctuary in Mugnano del Cardinale, which , as previously mentioned, amazed Don Francesco De Lucia himself. This miracle echoed throughout Italy, also because a noble Neapolitan was its witness: Don Gennaro Caracciolo dei Duchi di Rodi (Dukes of Rodes), knight to His Majesty Ferdinand II of Bourbon, King of Naples, who was greatly devoted to Saint Philomena together with the Royal family, and who was also a benefactor of our Sanctuary which he visited in numerous occasions. After the Miracle, the Venetian Curia had written an official and thorough report on the exceptional event, outlined in legal format, with the proper stamps and signatures, and assigned Cavalier Caracciolo to deliver it to Don Francesco De Lucia, guardian of the Sacred Body of the glorious Martyr. Here is a summary of the content of the document. Giovanna Cescutti, was a young woman of about 20 years of age who lived in Venice. She suffered various illnesses which could not be cured. She suffered extreme pains which often left her at death’s door. One day she was stricken by a sudden illness, she was at the end of her tether. In the evening of the 6th of July 1835 the parish priest of Santa Maria del Giglio, Don Antonio Magnana, who had been assisting the woman for a long time, call in her family to recite << to Saint Philomena a prayer, which was barely voiced by the sick woman who was so weak that could follow him only with her mind and heart>>. It was around 11 in the evening and the parish priest, ended the prayers of the sick and thinking that the woman had passed away, asked the people there to recite together 3 Our Fathers in honor of Saint Philomena. <<Once it was over, Prodigy! (The young one said). She got up from her supine position in which she had been laying the whole day, and with clear and vigorous voice she proclaimed: Oh Dear! I am better, thanks to God I am in good health again after 10 years suffering!>> This instant recovery from all her incurable illnesses was of great amazement to all and it was confirmed by well known doctors. On the 16th of July 1835 the miraculously cured woman went to Santa Maria del Giglio to <<thank solemnly God in the Church>>. An epigraph in Latin was also placed in the Church praising Saint Philomena. By coincidence on the same day in which Cavalier Caracciolo came to Mugnano to deliver the document detailing the miracle to Don F. De Lucia, Mons. Ferretti apostolic nuncio of Naples came. He brought a splendid golden silver lantern sent by Pope Gregory XVI with other precious gifts. The other primate read the important document delivered from Venice and astonished by the miracle obtained for the intercession of Saint Philomena, asked for a copy because he thought the event was worthy to be know everywhere.

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